The Crazy Bird

I tend to spend most of my day in my home office, making cat toys and doing paper work.  and that was the case on early morning in the beginning of June, when the crazy bird entered my life.

The Crazy Bird

it was about 9am, and I was typing away on my computer.  Suddenly there was a big commotion outside one of the windows.  I turned to look, and there before my eyes was a blue bird chirping away, and flapping its wings almost in a hover.  The bird landed on a small ledge of the window, and started pecking on the glass in a frantic panic.  It became apparent that the bird wanted to come in.

I shooed the bird away, fearing it might get hurt, and he flew off.  but he didn’t go far.  The next thing I knew there was a weird sound coming from the front of the house.  I got up to investigate, and found the crazy bird pecking on the glass above my front door.  Once again, I flapped my arms and said “What do you want?  Go away.”  This continued for about 15 minutes.  The bird went from front door, to office window, flapping it’s wings and pecking on the glass.  Finally, the bird flew off, but once again, he didn’t go far.

This time, I heard the faint noise of the bird pecking at glass again, and located the bird at my neighbor’s house, pecking on the glass above their front door.  My neighbor came out and told the bird to go away, just as I had done.  And once again the bird came back to my house.

This continued for at least an hour, perhaps more, I don’t know since I had left for work.  When I got home at 8:30pm, he was gone.  And so, I thought, well that was interesting.  Sure glad he’s gone, and it’s over.

Not So Fast

Eastern Bluebird

Eastern Bluebird

The next morning, I left for work and 5am, no bird, but when I returned at 4pm, I pulled into the driveway to see the bird once again at my front door, looking into the window.  Was he looking for me.  Upon spotting me, the bird flew to one of the eaves and watched me pull into the garage.  I got out of the car, walked to the front of the house and said to the bird, “Okay, what do you want?”  No, I didn’t expect the bird to answer, I’m not the crazy one, the bird is.  He flew off, back to my neighbor’s house, and I didn’t see him for the rest of the day.

It didn’t end there.  The next morning at 8am, the bird was back again, pecking on the glass above the front door.  I went to the door, put my hands up, and the bird just watched me.  I decided to open the door, cautiously since I didn’t want the bird to get in.  He flew to the eave again, and watched me as I walked out.  he didn’t seem afraid of me in any way, and seemed satisfied in just watching me as I spoke to him.  When I went back into the house, the bird flew away.

This prompted me to investigate the bird.  I went on-line, and determined that the bird in questions was an Eastern Bluebird.  All the research I did could not explain the strange behavior of this bird.  He seemed to only go to my house and my neighbors, no other houses in the neighborhood.  Could it be because we are the only homes around with bird feeders, bird baths and bird houses.  Yes, we are both bird friendly homes.

Sweetie the Cat is No Help

Sweetie the Cat is no helpMy bird feeder is right outside my office window.  That would be the same window the bird pecked at on the first day.  I enjoy watching the birds as they come by to feast on the seeds.  Sweetie the Cat also enjoys it, and sits on the window sill watching them.  I would have expected her to scare the bird away when he pecked on the window, but no such luck.  I did have to remind Sweetie that she’s a cat and needs to chase the bird away, but of course she had no idea what I was saying.  So she was no help to me that first day.

June Toy of the MonthSince then, the bird has returned every morning, always going to the front door, and waiting for me to show up.  He watches me for a while then flies off for the day.  What a crazy bird.



Frankie the Cat Comes for a Visit


Mom's cats.  Frankie (left)  Cassey (right)

Mom’s cats. Frankie (left) Casey (right)

In 2009 I sold my condo and moved Sweetie the Cat and myself into my parents house.  This lasted for two years before I got back on my feet after the collapse of the Financial industry of 2008-2009.  Living with my parents wasn’t such a bad thing, although I couldn’t wait to get my own place again.  As for Sweetie, well, she wasn’t happy at all.

One of the reason for that was because my parents had two cats and a dog.  Where as Sweetie didn’t mind the dog at all, (I found her hanging out with the dog many times), she hated the two cats.  Frankie the Cat, Mr. Alpha Male, let Sweetie know immediately, that this was his house, and everyone had to live by his rules.  Everything in the house belonged to him, and that included Sweetie’s litter box, her food, and her water.  If he felt like sleeping on her bed, well so be it!  As for Cassie the Cat, well she was pretty easy going, except in the morning, when all the cats got their wet food.  Every morning, there would be a battle between Sweetie and Cassie as to who would get their food first.


A few months after I moved into my new house, my parents took a trip up north.  They had someone to watch the dog, but they asked me if I would take care of the two cats.  Sure no problem.  So the two cats were brought to the house including their litter box, treats, and enough food to last for at least 2 months.

Cassie, the easy going cat, settled in immediately.  She found a place on the screened in patio, and just hung out there.  Frankie, on the other hand, decided to explore his new digs.  As far as he was concerned any place that he was, belonged to him.  After looking around for a short while, he decided to take a nap.  At my parents house the nap would take place on their bed, so it wasn’t surprising when he went in search of my bed so he could take his daily 5 hour nap.

Sweetie (left) Frankie (right)

Sweetie (left) Frankie (right)

It didn’t take long for him to find my bedroom,”ah that’s where the bed is.”  He jumped up expecting to settle down for his nap.  What he didn’t expect was Sweetie the cat to be on the bed, and she was not happy about him being there.  She immediately jumped up hissing and growling at him.  Shocked, he ran out of the room looking very disturbed.  She had never done that before, and he didn’t know what to make of it.  The one thing he did realize though, was this was Sweetie’s house not his, and in this house you play by Sweetie’s rule.

The first day he napped on the couch, but when my parents didn’t bring him home that night, he realized that something had to be done about this situation.  Okay, so he wasn’t in charge, Sweetie made that perfectly clear, but he wasn’t going to spend the day napping on the couch.  So how to get on the bed?  I watched as he slowly walked into the bedroom the next day, looking up at the bed where Sweetie was keeping an eye on his every move.  cautiously he lightly jumped on the bed and froze.  Sweetie just stared at him not moving, but he knew he was on dangerous ground here.  Slowly he walked up and bunted her.  (bunting is what cats do as a hello, glad to see you, you are my friend, etc.)  he then moved to the end of the bed, never taking his eyes off her.  He laid down.  Finally, Sweetie put her head down and fell asleep.  He was now in the clear.  It was nap time.

June Toy of the Month

June Toy of the Month

This ritual happened for an entire week.  He stayed away from Sweetie’s litter box, food and water.  When my parents came to pick him up, he couldn’t get into his carrying case fast enough.  And now he’s back home where it’s his house, everything there belongs to him, and you play by his rules.

Sweetie the Cat Has a New House

Not to worry, I have a new house too, and Sweetie is still with me.

Sweetie Gets Adopted

May Toy of the Month

May Toy of the Month

Recently I bought a new house.  It was long in coming, and I couldn’t wait for the house to be built so I could move in.  but I must admit, I was concerned about Sweetie the cat.  It brought back memories of when I brought her home from the animal shelter some 7 years ago.

Back in 2006, I decided to get a cat.  So I went to the local cat shelter and adopted Sweetie the cat.  She was 6 or 7 years old, and had been left in a box overnight, with three other cats, in front of the shelter.  In good health, all the cats were put up for adoption.

When I arrived at the shelter, I entered a room full of adult cats.  Cages 6 high lined all the walls.  As I walked down looking into each cage, I noticed a little paw sticking out of the bars of one cage, waving me over.  Needless to say, that was Sweetie the Cat.

So, I brought her home to my one bedroom condo in New Jersey, and she immediately found a place to hide.  For over a month I saw her very rarely, coming out of hiding at night, or when she wanted to eat.  Eventually, she took over the condo.  She decided there was nothing to be afraid of, and she was happy, tail always straight up in the air.


Three years later, I found myself selling the condo and moving in with my parents in Florida.  My parents had two cats and a dog, and Sweetie was no longer the only pet in the house.  For two years she very rarely left the confines of my bedroom.  When she did, she moved cautiously around the house, running back into the bedroom at the slightest sound.  She was not happy.

She wasn’t the only one who wasn’t happy.  After living most of my life on my own, it was difficult to find myself under my parents roof again.  But after two years, I managed to save enough money to buy a house.

The Move

In preparation for the move, I was concerned about Sweetie.  Would she be in hiding again, and for how long.  Let’s face it, cats don’t like change, and she had to deal with so much change over the years, I felt bad.  I told her every day that I bought her a house.  Yeah, I know she has no clue what I was saying, but it made me feel like I was preparing her for yet another change.

And so, finally the day of the move arrived.  I left her at my parents as I moved the furniture I had brought with me from New Jersey into the house.  I set everything up, and went back to my parents to pick up my little girl. 

Sweetie Gets a New House


At first, she freaked out and hid, as expected.  But as soon as I put my PJs’ on and got into bed, she realized that this was her new home.  She came out and jumped on the bed.  There was no hiding with this move.  It was as if she had understood all I had told her, that we had a new house.  And once again, it was just me and the cat.

Her tail has been straight up again.  She’s one happy pussy cat.

Cat Years Vs. Human Years

The other day I got into a conversation with a friend trying to figure out how old our cat’s were in human years.  You know the whole 7 years equals one for dogs.  Well, cats tend to live longer than dogs, and I’m not even sure that formula works for dogs.  So I did a little research to try to figure out how old Sweetie the Cat is in human years.  This is what I discovered.

Year one, your cat is equal to around 13 years old.  Year two, about twenty-five, From there, aging slows down a bit, and you need only add four years to every year older.  So a three-year old cat is 29, four-year old is 33, etc.  Got the picture? 

As for dog years vs. human years, I haven’t looked into that.  But I have a 16-year-old dog, Mugsy, sleeping next to me right now.  If the 7 year rule is true, then he’s 112 years old.   Oh, and Sweetie the Cat is 57.

It’s Summer Time!

It just occurred to me that it is summer time.  It took a while because I’m use to the Northern seasons, and let’s face it, summer starts a lot sooner in Florida.  After many barbeque’s and picnics, I decided to have Sweetie the Cat join in.  Crazy About Catnip now features the Catnip Picnic for your kitty. 

Your cat gets two catnip filled hot dog cat toys and a bag of chips.  (For us humans that’s two hotdogs and a bag of potato chips).  This item is offered for sale in the USA and Canada, so come check it out at

Sweetie Loves Chicken

Sweetie the Cat is a big fan of chicken.  Actually, all she really wants to eat is poultry.  Give her beef or fish, and she looks at you like your nuts.  So, in honor of my little girl, I created a cat toy that looks like a chicken leg.

You can find this chicken leg on the Crazy About Catnip etsy shop.  Of course for your non chicken loving cats, you can find a variety of other toys that look like food.  They are a lot of fun, and it sure beats playing with mice all day.

Sweetie the Cat Close Up

Just thought I’d share some head shots of Sweetie the Cat.

This photo is a little blurry, I think I got

A little too close.

At this point, she was not happy that I was

still trying to take her picture, so she got up to

Get a drink of water, thinking I would leave her alone.


Fat Chance that was going to happen.

The things poor Sweetie has to put up with from me.

Yeah, She’s not happy about it at all.