Why Your Cat Rubs His Head Against You

When I first adopted Sweetie, I did some research into cat behavior.  This was my first cat, and I wanted her to like me, so I tried to learn the cat language.  Of course it’s nearly impossible to understand why cats do some of the things they do, but I read about something called bunting. 

Bunting is when your cat rubs his head against you, and yes, this is a good thing.  It means that your cat loves you, but it also means that your cat sees you as his property.  By bunting, he is putting his scent on you so that others know you belong to him.  Now that sounds more like a cat, doesn’t it.

Cat’s have what is called a sebaceous gland, actually sever glands that produce a chemical at the base of the follicle called sebum.  This chemical is used for protected your cat’s fur, but it also produces a scent that the cat will deposit on things he likes to say “This is mine”.

Although we can’t smell the scent, other cats can, and all your cat really wants is to make sure other cats know  you are theirs!


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