Cats vs. Dogs, Which is More Popular

So which is the most popular pet, Cats or Dogs?  surprisingly, Cats out number dogs.  In the dogs defense, one of the reasons is because people who own cats tend to have more than one cat in the household, while most people who own dogs, find one dog more than enough.

Centuries ago, dogs were far more popular.  People put their dogs to work.  Hunting, herding and other chores that helped their owners get through life.  As years went on, people found a place for cats.  In most cases, cats were brought onto the farm to help kill rodents and other small animals that threatened to ruin the grain supply or crops.   It was at this time, that people realized that cats made great pets.

Today, with the rise of apartment and condo living, cats have become even more popular due to the small amount of living space and the ever-increasing work demands put upon people.  Cats became the pet of choice since they don’t need as much room as dogs, nor do they need to go out to do their business.  As for exercise, both cats and dogs need a lot of it.  But the nice thing about cats is they can get their exercise in the home, while dogs need a larger space, usually outside, to run around.

So the answer is cats are the more popular pet right now.


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